What You Should Know Before Doing a Construction Manager

Are you planning an addition or renovation for your home?  Many homeowners have a lot of fears when it comes to the ins-and-outs of a large home project and may not know the full scope of the details. The good news is that you can hire someone to help.

A construction manager is a pro at keeping home projects on track, safe and abiding by all local laws and codes. They can be extremely beneficial in ensuring your project turns out the way you envisioned it. If this sounds like a service that can be beneficial to you, see what you must know before hiring a construction manager.

What Do Construction Managers Do?

For larger home improvement projects, construction managers are invaluable. Hiring a construction manager takes the all the worry out of remodeling, new home building or adding an addition, so you can relax. They help to keep every aspect of the project on track, from the beginning plans and design to ensure the general contractor has all the resources he or she needs to have the job done on time. They also work to save you money and stay in your budget throughout the duration of the project. A construction manager must juggle multiple details as they work toward a complete big picture. Here are a few tasks the construction manager oversees:

  • Timeline planning
  • Budgeting and staying within the budget
  • Abiding by local codes
  • Ensuring safety for all on the job site
  • Managing smaller issues that arise
  • Guaranteeing the quality of work

Construction managers typically have a bachelor’s degree in the trade. However, not all states require a construction manager to be licensed. Most specialize in either commercial or residential construction management. It’s also good to know that unlike general contractors, construction managers take no legal responsibility for the job. If there’s an issue with the work or workers once the project is completed, that’s up to you to solve.

Costs Of Construction Managers

Residential construction doesn’t always require a construction manager. Two places you would consider hiring a construction manager would be a new home construction or a significant alteration to your home, such as an addition. This investment can save you time and give you peace-of-mind throughout the length of the project. The cost of construction manager varies by the scope of the project. The average cost to hire a construction manager is between $3,787 and $17,047.