How to Design a Strategic Room

1. Brighten It Up

The biggest problem with a windowless bathroom is, of course, adequate lighting. The first step in improving your bathroom is finding the appropriate bathroom lighting. Lighting on or around the mirror is a must, but if your bathroom is small, you might want to consider other spaces to add lightingsuch as under cabinets and wall sconces. You might also consider adding a decorative light fixture. Not only does this add more light to your bathroom, but it can be a beautiful focal point without utilizing any of the limited space offered. The average cost to install a light fixture is $421, with most homeowners spending between $177 and $328.

2. Install A Bathroom Fan

Ventilation is a big concern for homeowners with windowless bathrooms. There’s less ability for moisture to escape from the room, eventually causing mildew, build-up and odors in your bathroom. A quality bathroom fan can take your worry away. A bathroom fan is a worthwhile investment, as it helps to stop moisture from damaging your room. A bathroom fan can cost $60 on the low end, but more costly models can be up to $800. The average cost of a bathroom fan installation is $347.

3. Choose Plants For Windowless Bathroom

If you’ve never considered adding a plant to your windowless bathroom, think again. A small plant can give the space a fresh, spa-like feel. However, you’ll need to find a plant suitable for the low-light, high-moisture environment a bathroom has. Here are a  few bathroom plant ideas:

  • Potted Grass
  • Aloe
  • Spider Plant
  • Bamboo
  • Orchids
  • Reed Palm

4. Best Windowless Bathroom Paint Colors

The color of your bathroom can greatly impact the brightness, making it either feel open and airy or dark and cave-like. Choose lighter paint hues as darker colors absorb the light. Pastels are always a great choice for the bathroom, but even better if there’s no natural light source. An accent wall can help here as well if you feel like incorporating a brighter color.

5. Use Mirrors Wisely

To help distribute the light around your windowless bathroom, it’s a good idea to include more than one mirror. The key to this is placing the mirrors so they reflect the light around the room easily. Start with the largest mirror in the room, likely over the vanity or sink. This mirror should be 2” to 4” slimmer than what it’s hanging over to make your small windowless bathroom seem larger. The average cost to add a bathroom mirror is at a minimum $179 and maximum of $1,290.

Next, place a smaller mirror or two across from wherever your light source is. If your bathroom light is in the middle of the room or hanging from the ceiling, you have the ability to get creative with mirror spacing and placement. Adding more mirrors to your windowless bathroom will help distribute light evenly.